Ways to give?

Please contact us to find out ways to volunteer or get involved.

Pat Clinch Peace Project

PO Box 57104

Lincoln, NE 68505-7104

Please email info@patclinchpeaceproject.com
We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Pat and his wife, Maggie, have been involved in countless community projects throughout the years. From local music, art, food and culture to running businesses and raising their two daughters, Iris and Juniper, Pat & Maggie have remained passionate about their hometown, Lincoln, NE and their community. They have constantly sought ways to use their passion and talents to enhance the community and make life better and more interesting for other people. We believe keeping this momentum going is the key to keeping Pat’s memory alive. There are always ways to give back to your community. But, knowing The Peace Project is going to be working with different causes throughout the year, we hope you maintain a connection with us and use us in that fashion.

Giving back, connecting people and embracing community have been constants in the lives of Pat and Maggie. And ,with this project, we seek to keep his spirit alive and consistently do the same for others.


What is a “Flash” Fundraising Group and who does it benefit?

When we see a need or an opportunity in our community, The Pat Clinch Peace Project
springs into action. Our efforts range from hands on volunteering to fundraising for
organizations that align with our mission.